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The necessity to have your signature to our factoring documents notarized — there are no paper documents at all. You only have to click an “I Agree” button to “authenticate” (the new e-commerce word for “sign”) our factoring agreement and our other documents. Nothing could be easier or faster. No other factoring company offers paperless factoring. All other factoring companies must use ancient, paper-based procedures, which are very time consuming and substantially delay funding.

he 21st Capital Corp Difference:

The Only Internet Based Factoring Solution:

21st Capital Corp’s exclusive software tools have revolutionized the Factoring Industry. We have done away with the tradtional, time-consuming factoring model, which has been used for hundreds of years, and is still used to this day by all other factoring companies: factoring clients creating paper invoices in their offices, mailing them to the factoring company and waiting to be funded while the factoring company processes the paper invoices.
The Fastest Invoice Funding Available:

Because of this revolutionary technology, 21st Capital Corp funds its clients within minutes of invoice creation, in most cases. Our exclusive, online invoice creation process enables our clients to create their invoices directly on our website, as part of our virtual office, using our exclusive software. No other factoring company offers this free service.
Paperless Factoring:

All other factoring companies are paper-based. This means that they must be in possession of paper based invoices, backup documents supporting those invoices and transactional factoring contracts before they are willing to fund you. This process is time consuming, expensive — requiring you to pay the cost of overnight mail to the factoring company — and considerably delays funding.
Unlike these traditional, paper-based factoring companies, we are in possession of our clients’ original invoices in real time. This has resulted in the elimination of overnight mailing of original invoices and backup documents to us – a requirement of all other factoring companies prior to funding, saving our clients both time and money. Backup documents can be faxed to us.
21st Capital Corp is the only factoring company that has invested in the development of exclusive software tools to provide its clients with a completely web-based factoring solution, which has resulted in the fastest invoice funding in the financial services industry.
Flexible Factoring:

  • No initial setup fees
  • 21st Capital Corp purchases its clients invoices on a transaction-by-transaction basis
  • No minimum requirements
  • Submit as many invoices in any dollar amount you wish whenever you need Immediate Cash
  • Each transaction is accounted for separately from all other transactions
  • All of the invoices you submit on a given day comprise one transaction
  • Start Factoring Right Now!
  • The Only Immediate Online Signup & Approval Process Available

Our exclusive, web-based immediate, paperless signup process will enable you to start factoring your invoices in minutes, rather than days. Please take a few minutes to fully explore our website where you will find answers to all of your questions about our procedures and technology. Then, we invite you to begin the online signup process of becoming a client and creating your first invoices on our website. It only takes a few minutes. Just click on the Paperless Signup menu item and the Instructions submenu item at the left.